Stelline No. 22

in broth



250 g Rummo Stelline n° 22
1 piece of stewing beef
1 each celery stalk, carrot, onion
Bay leaf, peppercorns & clove
Grana Padano, to taste
For the option, you’ll need fresh eggs, a knob of butter, nutmeg and pepper


Make broth: cut meat in chunks and place in the bottom of a wide, deep pot. Slice the carrot and celery in big pieces. Cut the onion (skin on) in half and insert a couple cloves on cut side. Place the carrot, celery and onion half (with cloves) in pot along with the meat, adding black peppercorns and a bay leaf. Cover with cold water and cook over low heat, removing any foam that develops on top, then continue to simmer over low heat, covered, for at least 3 hours. Filter the broth and pour the portion you want to use into a pot. Place over heat, add coarse sea salt to taste, and bring to a boil. Pour in the Stelline and cook as indicated on the package. Serve, adding grated Grana Padano. Option with egg: make a mixture of egg, 60 g of Grana Padano and a grating of nutmeg which you beat into the broth while the pasta is cooking. Plate and serve with a grating of fresh black pepper. Vegetarian option: to make a vegetarian broth, first “toast” the vegetables (keeping the skin on the onion!) in the pan before adding water.