Spaghetti Grossi n° 220

alla milanese


250 g Rummo Spaghettoni Grossi n° 220
0,5 g zafferano
1 piece of stewing beef
1 each carrot, onion, celery branch
Pepper and clove, to taste
50 g butter
60 g Grana Padano cheese


Cut your stewing beef in pieces and place in the bottom of a wide, deep pan. Slice the carrot and celery in big pieces. Cut the onion in half (leaving skin on) and insert a couple cloves on the cut side. Place the carrot, celery and onion half (with cloves) in the pan along with the meat, adding black peppercorns and a bayleaf. Cover with cold water and cook over low heat, removing the foam that develops on the surface, then continue to simmer over low heat, covered, for at least 3 more hours. Filter the broth and return it to the pot, setting aside a bowl of it, to which you add the saffron threads and let them infuse. Salt the larger pot of broth to taste, and begin adding it slowly in a circular motion (to avoid splattering) to a wide, sautè pan big enough to accomodate the spaghetti. When the bottom is covered with broth, add the spaghetti, and cook over medium heat (high simmer) continuing to add hot broth ladleful by ladleful as the spaghetti absorbs it. Treat the spaghetti gently in this early phrase, so as not to break it. When the spaghetti is half cooked, pour in the saffron infusion and keep adding broth, little by little, until the spaghetti is cooked. Remove from heat. Add the knob of butter and grated grana padano, cover and let rest for two minutes. Mix, plate, and add a fresh grating of black pepper and more cheese to taste. Notes: To make a vegetarian broth, “toast” the vegetables (keeping the skin on the onion!) in the pan first, be- fore adding water. If you want to forego broth altogether, you can use salted hot water, but use the same “risot- to” method of cooking for the best results. If you use powdered saffron, add 1 sachet per person.