Potato Gnocchetti

with Shrimp & Yellow and Red Tomatoes

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400 g Rummo Potato Gnocchetti
200 g shrimps
250 g red and yellow tomatoes
100 ml extra virgin olive oil
Half glass white wine
1 garlic clove


Clean the shrimps, setting aside the shells. Peel the tomatoes by first plunging them into boiling water, scoring the skin, and then removing it. Remove the seeds and cut the remaining flesh into pieces.
Prepare the shrimp bisque: In a pot add some olive oil, the smashed, unpeeled garlic clove, basil leaves, parsley, some of the tomatoes and the shrimp shells. Splash with the wine and cook off the alcohol. Add boiling water until covered, season with salt, stir and simmer for 20 minutes, uncovered, reducing and concentrating flavors. Strain the broth into a large sauté pan. Boil the gnocchi in a large pot with salted water, until they float to the top. Remove them and finish cooking in the pan with the shrimp broth. Once it has reached a nice consistency, add the remaining tomato pieces and, lastly, the shrimps, making sure not to overcook them, as they should remain almost raw. Add fresh basil leaves, toss and serve.