Fusillotti® N°155

with Romanesco Broccoli, "Conciato Romano" Cheese, Olives & Pine Nuts



320 g Rummo Fusillotti® N°155
240 g romanesco broccoli
120 g Taggiasca (or Gaeta) olives, hand pitted
120 g Conciato Romano cheese (or aged Sardinian pecorino)
80 g pine nuts
2 cloves of garlic
2 anchovy fillets, in oil
Extra virgin olive oil


Cut the romanesco broccoli into small clumps, wash them in hot water from the tap: this will remove any “unwanted guests”. Blanch them in abundant salted water and then sauté them in a pan with garlic, oil and anchovy fillets, taking care not to overcook the anchovies. About one minute should be enough. Taste, correct salt if necessary and keep aside. In the meantime, lightly toast the pine nuts in a small frying pan over high heat and set these aside for the final composition of the dish. Cook the pasta, reserving some of the cooking water before draining. Then toss the Fusillotti® with the vegetables, adding the olives previously pitted by hand and the cheese cut into small pieces. If necessary, use a little cooking water to give the right consistency and finally serve adding the toasted pine nuts to complete the dish.