Calamarata N°141

with Lobster & Yellow Cherry Tomatoes



400 g of Rummo Calamarata N°141
2 lobsters, approx. 500-600 g each
200 g yellow cherry tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
50 ml brandy
50 g basil
200 ml peanut oil
20 g anchovy sauce (colatura di alici)
Extra virgin olive oil, as needed
Salt, as needed


Blanch the yellow tomatoes in boiling salted water for 30 seconds to ease peeling. Refresh under cold water, peel them, then cut in half and set aside. Cook the lobster: put 100 g of extra virgin olive oil and one garlic clove in a large sauté pan. When the garlic is browned, add the lobsters (previously cut in two lengthwise) cut side down, and brown for one minute. Cut off the heat and sprinkle with brandy. Turn the heat back on and let the alcohol evaporate, add water (preferably hot) and cook for another minute covering with a lid. Turn off the heat off and let cool for 10 minutes. With the lobster still hot, shell it and set aside all the pulp, being careful not to smash it too much. Cut into coarse pieces, trying to leave the claw whole. Strain the liquid, keeping this aside as well. Meanwhile, fry the basil leaves in peanut oil, then set aside. Brown the other garlic clove with about 100 g of extra virgin olive oil, add first the yellow tomatoes, then the lobster and finally the reserved liquid. In another pot, cook the pasta in boiling water, adding only half the usual quantity of salt, as the anchovy sauce will give additional sapidity to the dish. Once the pasta is cooked drain, setting aside some of the cooking water to finish the dish. Sauté the Calamarata in the lobster and tomato sauce, adding a little of the cooking water and, when it has reached the right consistency, a drizzle of the anchovy sauce and serve with the crispy basil leaves.