Paccheri N°111

with Squid



360 g Rummo Paccheri N°111
200 g cherry tomatoes
500 g squid
Amalfi Coast lemons
Parsley to taste
Extra virgin olive oil, as needed
Garlic, to taste
Salt, to taste


Clean the squid by cutting the head in half lengthwise. (It will curl up during cooking; avoid rings.) Cut the tentacle tufts in half, eliminating the beak. Cut the cherry tomatoes into 4 and brown them in a pan with a little oil, garlic (which you remove once its flavor has infused the oil) and a pinch of salt, letting them sweat and cook completely. Blanch the baby squid in the sautéed mixture for just two minutes. Cook the Paccheri in boiling, salted water and then sauté them in the sauce to blend the flavors, and refresh with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, chopped parsley and grated lemon peel.